The Floodgates are open

September 14, 2012  |  Written by Dan McKey on Random Thoughts  |  3 Comments  | 

We opened access to Fall Clearance Sale items with beads up to 85% off about 3 hours ago and we’re already running out of stock on several items. If you’re just now getting here, then head over to or click the “On Sale” tab at the top and grab what you’re looking for before it’s gone!


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3 Responses to “The Floodgates are open”

  1. Jill10


    I think I took too long to order. when i got to the cart screen the item was sold out =/

  2. beadgirl


    will my coupon code still work with these??

  3. 3
    Author Comment

    We have a lot of different active coupon codes, but as long as you meet the conditions of the coupon then it should work. You can always go to checkout and input the code, then press “activate” to see.

    If you have any troubles with it then you can either let me know by email at or call our customer support at (800)652-3237

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