Sneak Peak — New Wood Beads!

September 18, 2012  |  Written by Sarinah on Random Thoughts  |  1 Comment  | 

Beads have been used throughout the century for many different reasons — as money and worn as amulets to bring fortune and wisdom to the wearer. Today, beads are used in creating  jewelry designs.

With the ever-changing trends on jewelry designs come new additions of beads in different shapes and patterns.  Here’s our latest supply of wood beads to tell you more about it — ethnic-inspired prints  meet modern day tones.

Now if you have a design idea using these new items,  leave a comment or drop me a line at  We’ll be happy to post it on our blog!

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One Response to “Sneak Peak — New Wood Beads!”

  1. Melissa


    Can’t wait to get started with my jewelry design! Your new selection looks awesome!

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