Let “bird-of-paradise” and other seedpods grace your jewelry collection

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Crane flower seedpods and seedsOne of the rare organic seed beads used in jewelry making comes Bird of paradise flower in full bloomfrom the seedpods of a beautiful flower –bird of paradise. The uniquely shaped flower of this tropical perennial resembles a bird’s head of brilliant orange-and-blue color, thus the name bird-of-paradise. (It is also scientifically known as “Strelitzia regina” with the common name “crane flower” referring to its exotic avian shape.) Its seedpod is woody and pointed; the seeds are large shiny black beads with woolly orange tufts. The hard, hollow shells of these seeds are sun-dried, cut up, and hand drilled. They are also locally known “ saging-saging” seeds in the Philippines. Interestingly, this plant is often thought as the symbol of tropical flowers and one of the most colorful flowers in the world. It grows up to 3 feet high, forming massive clamps; this plant lends a romantic tropical ambiance to a landscape. Some attribute meanings of freedom, magnificence, and good perspective to this exotic plant.

Saging-saging seed beads in metallic colors

So, whether you find it in the yard or just in a jumbo bag of potpourri, these rare organic beads make for beautiful strung jewelry, fit for royalty, in the hands of a discerning artist.

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