Every second counts — Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

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Let our design idea be your inspiration in raising Breast Cancer Awareness this month.

Every 69 seconds, somewhere in the world, a grandmother, mother, wife, sister, or daughter is diagnosed with breast cancer. This prevalent cancer among women has affected millions worldwide, giving a significant impact to those who are struggling while raising awareness to the vast majorities who have witnessed the plight of the patients.

With October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, one can feel the awareness efforts almost everywhere: pink ribbons on trees, pink t-shirts, pink packaging on food and even professional athletes sporting pink gears. For several years, the voice of breast cancer campaign has become louder—spreading messages to empower and help women battling this disease.

With the advances in medicine and early detection, the rate of breast cancer survivors has dramatically increased. But even so, it is important to note that women should have preventive measures and should pay much attention to their health: have a regular exercise, staying at a healthy weight and eating a healthy diet. Being aware of probable environmental risks like the thousands of chemicals we are exposed to at home and at work and encouraging all women to undergo screening tests that can detect cancer when it’s most treatable are also big steps in averting breast cancer.

Breast cancer diagnosis can obviously elicit many emotions—fear, sadness and disbelief. With this, it’s not yet too late to inspire women all over the world to fight breast cancer–talk to other breast cancer survivors & spread their uplifting stories. Also, reduce your risk of having this disease through making changes in your daily life right now because every second counts.

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