Changed Lives: “Veronica” – A Tale of Service and Artistry

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A dedicated barangay employee, Veronica Amahan, found ways to increase her family’s finances when she joined the livelihood program in her community — earning money through making paper beads and other crafts from recycled materials.

Under the tutelage of the community chairperson, Nida Cabrera, Veronica and her group went as far as their creativity could go—making artistic bags out of paper beads.

Focus and Drive

Veronica was one of the pioneering women who joined Ms. Nida in the community livelihood program– spreading the “green” campaign by making crafts out of waste materials. With the meager income she gets as a barangay employee, Veronica thought that the community livelihood program would help her make ends meet.

One of the projects of the livelihood program includes making bags out of paper beads. The paper-beaded bags were very elaborate thus putting Veronica’s skill and dexterity to the test.

Creating the bags was never easy and for Veronica, it takes a lot of practice and dedication to perfect the job. Added to this was a struggle every beadmaker faces– sewing the beads together with their bare hands. As such, Veronica and her co-beaders often have scratches and cuts at the end of the day.

Due to the technical difficulties of the job, some of her friends quit. But she stayed, persevered and remained as the only paper-beaded bag maker of the livelihood program.

Resilience and Artistry

For eleven years, Veronica has toiled, honed her craft and has now adjusted to the strain that comes with producing paper beaded bags. When occupied with work in the barangay, she can finish two bags in a day but can complete three to four bags in her spare time.

Now widowed and with only one child left under her care, Veronica continues to get by financially all because of her great work ethic, expertise in her field and a strong sense of loyalty and commitment.

Browse some of the paper beads Veronica and her group made

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