Wood and metal in trend jewelry 2009

February 5, 2009  |  Written by Dette on Featured Products, Jewelry Design Tips  |  7 Comments  | 

The emergence of more eco-green products these days has awakened a renewed sense of eco-consciousness in fashion, and lately the diy jewelry making community. This awareness is promptly resonated in the latest jewelry Wood and metal necklace pendants trend today as more designers are exploring the creative use of alternative jewelry materials and organic products. Today, green jewelry is definitely a jewelry statement.

It is a good thing. For the most part, this fashion jewelry trend has greatly reduced our usual consumption for chemically altered and environmentally harmful jewelry making materials —not to mention, it’s economical…

One of the most popular jewelry materials combination to hit the jewelry making industry is the creative marriage between wood-and-metal. This unlikely pair has, with a bit of ingenuity, inspired wilder interpretations of 2009 jewelry trend drawing from classic to hip styles —and agreeably so!

Metal and wood make more durable pieces of jewelry —bothMetal-framed wood pendants elements are reassuringly solid, with character and attraction. Wood, a natural organic material, can be carved and painted easily —adding warmth to metal-based beaded jewelry. Metal, an all-time popular jewelry making material, has sophistication that characterizes modern design jewelry. Pairing wood to metal can easily achieve a luxurious look on your handmade jewelry designs.

This season, you can’t go wrong with wooden pendants for jewelry to make your bead necklaces a sure hit in this year’s statement necklace —the big bold jewelry trend.

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7 Responses to “Wood and metal in trend jewelry 2009”

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    Hi Creative Soul, thanks for posting this! The wood-and-metal combo remind me of certain furniture from the 1970s, only cut up and used for a better purpose :) Very hip look.


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    Author Comment

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for dropping by! It sure reflects a bit of retro, very stylish..

    -Creative Soul

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    Thanks for the visit! We love your site, too, and we do hope you can share with us a guest post sometime… you have a very informative “Jewelry Making Resource Center” and we know our friends here will love to hear from you :-)

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    the ideas you have on the ecology are doing great and hopefully more people thought this way great thanks for sharing proposal

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