Organic jewelry: fashionable, all-natural diversity

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Organic jewelry made of fire tree seedsWhen you think of great inexpensive gifts for friends and family but you want those gifts to send a message of environmental responsibility, consider making your own fashionable organic jewelry.

Although organic jewelry do not last a lifetime —like beautiful flowers and fresh grass— it reminds us of the vulnerability of nature, of our own mortality, and of the preciousness of the living moment.

Thus, wearing special “green jewelry” made of organic seeds expresses humility and simplicity rather than arrogance and boastful self-importance; it celebrates nature.

Philippine fire tree with seedpodsNatural beads, like seeds and nuts, have about them such unique texture, and rich, earthy colors that make for trans-seasonal jewelry. Organic seeds look great in combination with metals for an updated, classic style —plus a vintage appeal.

* Design idea: this beautiful necklace (bottom-left photo) is made of organic seeds from a tropical tree (scientific: “delonix regia”, of the bean family “leguminosae”); also known by several names such as royal poinciana, flame of the forest, flame of tree, flamboyant peacock flower, and fire tree in the Philippines (see top-right photo) —regarded as one of the most beautiful tropical trees in the world. It is often grown as an ornamental tree.

For thousands of years past, people of all civilizations and culture have been using adornments made of various objects -wood, tree seeds and nuts, sea shells, stones, animal bones- from their surroundings. It’s time we reconnect with our rich, ancient heritage.

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