Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas

October 2, 2012  |  Written by Sarinah on Featured Products, Jewelry Design Tips  |  1 Comment  | 

It’s still two months before the start of the yuletide season but here at Beads and Pieces, we’re giving you an early treat:  Christmas jewelry gift ideas.

String a bead or two for your loved-ones this holiday. Here’s our top three list.

Gold-Filled Chains. Gold chains are a great way to add a unique flair to your jewelry designs.  Plus,  the color gold definitely adds warmth to the chilly holiday.

Metal Cast Pendant Charms. Quirky, fun and whimsical, metalcast charms are perfect for vintage and classic ensembles and can be worn the year round.

Swarovski Crystal Beads. What is Christmas without colors? Sprinkle a hint of vibrant hues to your beading designs and make Christmas merry and bright.

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  1. Anonymous


    Great gift ideas. Would make some for my friends.

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