Summer fun with glam

May 5, 2008  |  Written by Emily on Featured Products, Random Thoughts  |  No Comments  | 

Stunning and glamorous… Once you get them, these clear resin-and-metal-cast trinkets command such stunning glamor with any summer wardrobe and other accessories. Complement your voguish apparel with Summer pendants in colorful bright tonesthese colorful pendants that can go with any sterling silver and gold-filled chains and findings.

You can even make a charming melange of elegant, graceful jewels like pearls, gemstones and glass to give you that stylish look. Who wouldn’t want to be a stunner, anyway? Surely everyone does. So, splurge on!

And because of resin’s glass-like properties and sheer radiant tinge, it can look quite fascinating. These resin trinkets are made through a solidifying process for liquid plastic. Notwithstanding its versatility, fluffiness, and reasonable price, the ingenuity of this simple, non-toxic, low-odor product paves the way to resin’s fame in the jewelry-making industry.

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