Spread a Little Love This Valentine’s Day

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Each year on February 14, we find the perfect gift or card for a loved one. Though people mostly refer to Valentine’s Day as a celebration for couples, it is also about recognizing all the different people you love in your life.

We may remind friends and family how much we love them everyday but Valentine’s Day provides a great opportunity to let them know how much we care. Now, here are some ways you can express your love this special day:

* For students, create a personalized greeting card. Give your closest pal a surprise and stick it to his/her locker at school.

* As for your parents, leave them a note saying how much you love them. You could insert it in their organizer/diary or stick it on their dresser.

* If you are a parent, use heart-shaped cookie cutters to cut out your kids’ sandwiches for lunch. Place heart stickers on their lunch bags. Don’t forget to add a note telling them how much you love them. Also, let your kids help you bake heart-shaped cookies and deliver them to grandparents, neighbors, residents of a nursing home or anyone else you think might enjoy receiving a treat.

And as for couples out there, aside from surprising your partner with red balloons, flavored body oils and diamonds from malls, here’s one quick tip for all of you:

It’s all about self-awareness. Celebrating Valentine’s day is not the true measure of how much you love. It’s how well you know your special someone and how accurately you can guess how mad she’ll be if you make mistakes and also how much you’ll care if she gets mad at you anyway.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

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