Rattan jewelry, anyone?

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Exhilarating! The cheery colors of these organic bangles readily caught my eyes. I saw a friend of mine wearing Bright-colored rattan banglesthese rattan bangles (wrapped with twisted silver wire) in a summery palette of olive green, orange, pink, lavender, purples, yellows, white, and pale blue. And I was even more surprised that these were made of rattan” -known as a premium material for cane furnitures. (BEADS AND PIECES carries an exclusive a collection of these bangles with color variations and at unbelievable sale prices of $0.85 – $1.35 only!).

I find these bangles really gorgeous! Fun! Ordinarily I would always associate rattan as anyone would think of cane furniture. (Due to its durability and resistance to splintering, rattan is valued over bamboo in the furniture making industry). Who ever would have thought how rattan can be artfully transformed into components for jewelry and fashion accessories?

Whether it can be as profitable or useful as the alternatives, however, is yours to be seen. Try it on and enjoy the “oh!”‘s and “wow”‘s of everyone who thinks rattan is only a home’s luxury…


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2 Responses to “Rattan jewelry, anyone?”

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    Cool! Not only rattan is for furniture but also for accessories! It is really pretty!

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