5 Pre-Fall Jewelry Looks

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As September is swiftly stepping in, the call for the latest picks this fall is on the way. A great wardrobe for a cool season includes a collection of beautiful coats, black leather boots and jackets but a statement jewelry completes and defines the look. Here are our top 5 pieces that will not only add warmth but also style to your apparel this chilly time of the year.

Long, Single Strand Black Necklaces

Stimulate your creative juices and experiment on long, single strand black necklaces. These pieces can add layers of clean sophistication to any outfit. To have that look, string black beads like our horn beads in polished, classic black.
Ribbon Necklaces with Oversized, Antique, Victorian Feel
Victorian jewelry styles are now back in the biz! Create that perfect “empire” look with our very own organza ribbons and vintage-inspired metal-framed pendants. Pairing both pieces produce an air of femininity & gives the Victorian era a twist of modernity.
Necklaces with Gemstones

Long dark coats can look plain and ordinary sans the accessories. Look glamorous even when wrapped in thick jackets with assorted gemstones. Combine big, bold pendants with small, faceted ones to make intricate designs. The polished and glinting look of gemstones will give you that glam appeal even when draped in solid clothing.
Bangles & Bracelets

Often labeled as summer items, bangles are innovative and can actually be used in a few seasons. Take a cue from our collection of bangles & bracelets molded in different shapes and designs. Put on thick and thin bangles together to add texture to your look.
All-metal Jewelry

Metal jewelry never ceases to stay out of style even in the midst of the ever-changing trends. Metal jewelry is definitely a wardrobe essential providing an old-world charm to jewelry styles be it angular or irregular form. Make beautiful compositions with your jewelry styles with our metal cast pendants in silver, brass and copper.

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