Pearls in jewelry

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Pearls are cherished as symbols of perfection and purity. They carry the elegance and charm like any natural gemstone beads. Jewelries made of pearls, a gift from nature that expresses the “love” that binds two souls, are used as a traditional part of the wedding costume fitted to the lovely bride. It perfectly accentuates the symbolic meaning of love’s purity in marriage.

Back in history, pearls have been
associated with the “elite” and “royalty”. Throughout ancient times, royalties like Queen Elizabeth II wore pearl jewelries to significant occasions and social events. As such, pearls were also popularly used as a language of symbolism -of love, knowledge, wisdom, truth, and even references of faith.

To own a beautiful piece of jewelry or even a strand, nowadays, you need not scour through the coffers and treasure chests of royalties. These priced gems are readily available, fortunately for us, at very affordable costs. In these modern times, with just a few strokes of creativity and fashion sense you will easily “get the look” fitted for a queen.

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