Organize your beads with Beading Storage Solution

October 12, 2012  |  Written by Sarinah on Jewelry Design Tips, Random Thoughts  |  No Comments  | 

Whether you own huge quantities of beads or you just simply enjoy collecting them, wouldn’t it be nice to keep your stash organized?

If you have trouble looking for storage solutions, here are our top three options.  These clear containers make contents easy to see and are ideal for traveling.

Organizer Box. This box is useful for storing multiple types of beads. Large compartments allow storage of larger quantities of beads. 

Space Saver Jars. Looking for a great place for storing beads for a single project? Space saver jars would do the job.  They take up less space than other types of storage.

Plastic Zip Bags. If you want something that’s easy to pack away and store, try using plastic zip bags.  The great thing about plastic zip bags is that there are range of sizes available for many different types of beads.

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