Big, bold pendants add oomph to long necklaces

October 17, 2008  |  Written by Dette on Jewelry Design Tips  |  1 Comment  | 

The creative use of traditional materials -organic fiber and wood beads among many- has spurred the “green” trend in jewelry making this year. More and more designers are turning to “eco-friendly” materials and processes to create their jewelry. This has given birth to a contemporary “fusion” style that combines classic, tribal ethnic, and “techie” aesthetics.

Here are some of the prevailing trends in beaded jewelry for this fall-winter season…

  • Deep, warm, and earthy colors in natural materials —the artistic use of “organic” materials with their natural grains and textures has glamorized the “green” concept in jewelry. Wood, bone, horn, gemstones, pearls, seeds and nuts among others are rich sources of warm and earthy colors.
  • Big statement pendants in long necklaces —from classic to contemporary designs, long necklaces are seen with bigger, bolder pendants for that “stand-out” look in any occasion this fall and winter. Work out your statement pendants with simple necklines and let the necklace speak for itself —perfect wear on solid color dresses.
  • Fusion of organic beads with traditional metals and fibers —”fusion” jewelry is based on the innovative combination of ethnic patterns with contemporary designs using contradicting materials —metals and natural beads. This adds character to any jewelry style that typifies a rugged and funky look.

So, shape up your fall and winter collection with these trends —choose from our wide selection of the finest natural beads and big, bold pendants.

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