Adding Intrigue to Contemporary Jewelry Design with Mixed Metals

November 21, 2009  |  Written by Dette on Jewelry Design Tips, Random Thoughts  |  2 Comments  | 

Breaking RulesAs if by instinct, we know that mixing metal tones in jewelry was a no-no. The old school rule, gold on gold and silver on silver, so it seems, is the only acceptable look. But fashion is an ever-changing world! Good thing, jewelry artists are constantly finding ways to break such rules.

News flash —it’s fine to mix metals in your jewelry designs!

These rules were made to be broken. But check out these  rules first before we break them:

  • Don’t mix gold with silver
  • Don’t mix base metal (copper, brass, pewter, gunmetal) with precious metals
  • Don’t mix smooth and polished with hammered and matte metals (gold and silver)

Now, where’s the fun in that? Contemporary jewelry is all about pizazz!

Here’s why you’ll do fine breaking such rules…

  • Mixing materials in jewelry is not only in –it’s more economical
  • Two or more metal tones provide more flexible looks for everyday jewelry pieces
  • There are no more rules! Just mix away…

Remember, mixing materials in contemporary jewelry design should be  fresh and fun! So, be free to mix away. (Don’t forget to scribble a line or two and tell us your story…)

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