Summer Jewelry 2013 – Summer Finds

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The heat is rising and so is our love for accessories!

We’ve got plenty of ideas this summer so pack your wardrobe with our summer finds and get your hands on them before they’ve even hit the shops.

To find out what to pair with your lighter, warm-weather wardrobes, here’s our take on summer jewelry:

1) Color highlights. Highlight your summer tans with pops of color. Electric colors will do the job so why not include them in your wardrobe & look cool under the heat without being too flashy.

2) Sweet Pastel. Try delicate colors instead of the usual basic neutral tones –coral, light pink, mint green and other pastel colors and make your look sweet and ultra-sophisticated!

3) Animal Kingdom. Let the “wild” walk straight to your wardrobe. The exotic and powerful charm of animal prints is guaranteed to spark conversation.

4) Green with envy. With its bright, fresh and happy feel, green is a fun hue to try! Experiment with shades of green and reminisce having picnics in the park and long hikes in the forest.

5) Rough Cut. Using raw stones will ultimately create a “boho” look.  So, go “au naturel” with your favorite stones without looking too hippy-dippy and wear them during a walk on the beach or at a music festival.

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