Nature trippin’

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It’s another beautiful day ahead, and I’m back here at my desk.

Well, I had a great summer and everything was just so peaceful, calm, and not to mention –no work! I backpacked for a week last summer to Bohol, an island located southeast of the central Visayas region in the Philippines.

It was during my second day at the Bohol beach club when I noticed several guests swarming the shorelines Mongo shell necklace with shell cracking pendant–stashing in some sand in plastic bags? Funny as it may seem, really some people do bring in some sand from that beach. The pristine shorelines of Bohol’s beaches are lined with tiny seashells and fragments of marine life fossils, unexploited.

That is where these tiny mongo shells usually come from. These exotic beauties are packed with endless design possibilities for any discerning jewelry artist. Its colors are naturally rich in their delicate, small forms. Among the more popular whole shell beads, mongo shells are most loved as strung necklaces with big, bold pendants.

Here’s good news! You don’t have to scour the shorelines to get hold of these shells. Beads and Pieces carry more varieties of exotic, whole, and beautiful shell beads.

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