Changed Lives: “Anita” – A Story of Persistence & Dedication

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Her flight from debts to “financial freedom” was no easy deal. Her dedication and persistence in making time for this “green project” in between her other priorities —family and work— made her collect her prize in the end. Meet another one of the paper bead makers in Cebu, Philippines:

Times are tough.

Anita Orbiso, a mother of three, earns a living doing laundry for neighboring households.

Before joining the “paper recycling” program that her barangay initiated, Anita knew hardship beyond her age. She worked hard to feed and provide for her growing family’s needs with the little money she got from her day to day’s workload. Then, it wasn’t long when her children entered school and their unpaid household bills piled up.

Also, her husband didn’t have a permanent job.

There’s always hope.

Fortunately, there was a “green campaign” that sparked Anita’s interest. The campaign was about promoting environmental awareness through waste recycling. One of the recycling projects taught people how to make paper beads from stacks of used magazines and waste papers.

Their barangay chairperson initiated this campaign in the pursuit of helping poor families, especially women, earn a living. At the same time it helped some jobless barangay folks earn money, too.

Doubts aside, Anita tried her luck hoping to earn more than than what she usually did doing laundry.

Good things come to those that work —harder.

Like everyone else, this 29-year old homemaker recalls her first attempt at making paper beads as challenging. Anita went through “trial and error” before perfecting the task of rolling paper beads and painstakingly improved at it. Until finally she was able to make at most a thousand paper beads per day. Eventually she was able to put an end to her troubling finances —paid her bills on time and served her family’s needs through the extra money she earned from making maker beads.

Browse some of the paper beads Anita and her group made

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