Choosing the right wedding bridal accessories

April 20, 2011  |  Written by Sarinah on Random Thoughts  |  No Comments  | 

With just a week to go before May, busy brides-to-be are on their way preparing for their weddings in June. They scour dresses & veils in different shops, visit every flower boutique for an array of flowers, send invitations and book fancy hotels and dining halls.

In the midst of all the hype, brides-to-be shouldn’t forget their crowning glory– the bridal jewelry. Be it necklaces, bracelets,earrings or brooches, looking for the perfect pieces to serve as the finishing touch of a wedding dress is essential as the brides themselves are the stars of the big day (apart from the grooms, of course!)

With many options available, every bride must must make her look a “stand out.” Here are our top three choices for bridal accessories:

Go Vintage
Forget the usual glittery hair “bling”. Bring out your inner hollywood starlet and rock some vintage glam on the big day! Make a showstopping look with accessories like 925 sterling silver charms charmingly created as hair brooches and let your updo do the “talking.”

Decorate your garden with tables & chairs full of artistic yet eco-friendly materials to create a stunning outdoor “green” wedding. For that eco-chic look, wrap your neck with mop shell beads. Or better yet choose round makabibi in carved gold frame as an elegant pendant. In this way, you could make earth friendly materials and ‘green’ practices coincide with high style!

Beach Elegance
Have your wedding under the sun or stars by the seaside and create a luxurious atmosphere filled with sofas, rugs and elegant flower arrangements. A perfect “beach elegance” look calls for a wedding gown embroidered with round hammershells or donning accessories like White Abalone Blocking Half-Round Bangle or a White Blocking Wavy Bangle as striking bracelets.

That said, brides-to-be are now ready to hit the aisle and wed in style.

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