The use of wood in jewelry making

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Wood symbolizes the birth of new life, growth and springtime, sensuality and fertility according to ancient Chinese traditions. It has been used for different purposes since the dawn of time —as fuel (keeping warm and cooking food), to make tools and weapons, in sculptures, shelters, and boats.A Philippine kamagong (black ebony) tree

Nowadays, with modern tools, we make use of wood in many more ways -to build domestic housing, to make cutlery (toothpicks, chopsticks, spoons, etc.), to make lumber and timber (for furniture and construction), and to produce paper out of its fiber and sap.

Wood has also been used to adorn the body, from ages past, for its distinctPhilippine kamagong (black ebony) wood bangle “tribal” aesthetic. Interestingly, who would now discount the fact that this historic use of wood even in royal jewelry has passed on influences to our present fashion culture? Yes, many among contemporary jewelry designers make use of wood beads and pendants in creating distinctly elegant, trendy, and beautiful jewelry pieces. As a result, this has created a new industry employing a skilled labor force to patiently and meticulously handcraft each obscure piece of wood into beads of different shapes, forms, and sizes. (Beads can even be made into as small as 3 millimeters in diameter.) Thus, wood becomes a source of life for these bead-makers as it provides them with creative ways of earning a living. To note, trees are not purposely cut down for this. The wood used to create these beads and other jewelry components come from furniture-makers’  scrap pieces and by-products.

So then, we must not forget to make efforts at replanting this natural resource for future generations to enjoy.

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